Your pets are important, prioritize with pushPawz!

​At pushPawz, we want to give all pet owners access to their pet's most important information, like vet records, and give them the ability to keep track of daily activities such as; eating, drinking, exercise and so much more!


Track your pet's water & food consumption, exercise, sleeping, health record, vet visits and more!


Create custom notifications so you never forget your pet's medication, feeding schedule or vet appointments.


Create customizable reports to view your pet's progress through various metrics such as; eating, sleeping, exercise.



Take a look at some of the amazing features offered with the pushPawz app. Discover more great features below!

User Friendly

Our app not only looks great, but it also has a familiar design to some of your other favourite apps.

Privacy Protected

Your privacy is important to us, we store your information on secure servers and localize your data when possible.


We wanted to create a unique experience for our users, customize your style in the app.


Advanced Analytics

Discover more about your pet with our advanced analytics, through trends, charts and more.

Cloud Storage

Our cloud storage can store your information and be accessible whenever you need it.

99.9% Cloud Uptime*

Multiple Devices

Access all your pets information across multiple devices; mobile, tablet or web.

Life is busy. Reminders to keep you organized

Your life is busy. Sometimes we can forget the simplest things, like taking the dog for a walk or cleaning the litter box for your furry friend. With the pushPawz app, you can create custom reminders to keep you on track and keep your fur-baby happy & healthy!

Upload your pet's documents, images & details.

Get yourself organized, with centralized information for your pet. Add, scan and store important documents, such as vaccines, registration records and invoices. Track your pet's favourite food brands, nutritional information and even their dietary requirements. All this and so much more!

Create customized reports to track your pet's overall health.

Create interactive reports to view all of your pet's information at a glance. You can view items such as; exercise, water & food intake, bathroom breaks, weight and grooming.

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Sharing is caring

Co-parenting has never been easier with pushPawz, your pet's data is sharable. Need to send your vet your pet's food diary, just a click away, it's that easy. Share with your family, friends and pet walkers with customized access privileges.


The Best Treat For Your Pet is a Healthy LIFE.

Earn achievements

Tracking your pet's activities has never been more fun. Earn special achievements for completing reminders, adding events and sharing on your socials! 


The best treat for your pet is a healthy LIFE.

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App screens

Explore some of our beautifully crafted, user focused, app screens!

Coming soon to the App Store!

Soon you'll be able to enjoy all of the app's features on iOS, iPadOS & Android devices!

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Help your pet stay happy and healthy with pushPawz.

Track daily activities, manage appointments and store valuable pet care information. 

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